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Supra C500 KeySafe from NRS Healthcare

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Supra C500 KeySafe

Supra C500 KeySafe

NRS Healthcare

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Equipment Description

This KeySafe™ from Supra® is the safest and most secure model on the market. It has achieved the highest level endorsement ever given to a Key Safe in the UK, achieving both the Police Secured by Design initiative standard and accreditation by the Loss Prevention Certification Board. It is made of a heavy gauge stainless steel and zinc alloy shell with a double wall construction. A clutch mechanism prevents the handle from being forced open. A stainless steel plate around the buttons adds additional security. It is secure against physical attack when mounted on a brick wall with the included masonry screws. The KeySafe™ includes a tough, weatherproof cover to protect against the elements. It can store both Yale and Chubb type keys. NOTE: The dimensions of the inside of the keysafe are (HxWxD) 7cm x 5cm x 2cm, so please consider whether your key or keys will fit inside it. NOTE: Please notify your insurance company if you are installing a keysafe, as this could invalidate your insurance if not mentioned.
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