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Using Technology for Medication Reminders

There are lots of technology devices and solutions available to purchase at a low cost from the High street or online retailers that can be used to help support someone to take their medication as safely and independently as possible. Some devices can be used creatively to support someone as often they are not being used for the intended use of the device. They should be used as an aid to help support someone and it is important to think through which particular device may be suitable by exploring the persons functional and cognitive abilities and deficits as well as their family/friend support to assist with purchase and setup.

Things to think about - There are a lot of things that should be considered before purchasing and setting up a medication prompt including:

VAT Relief

Products designed and manufactured solely to help people with disabilities may be eligible for VAT relief. See for more details.


The use of GPS devices or location technology in mobile phones to help locate people with dementia is being established, trialled and evaluated across the world. Using this technology, as with all technology cannot be totally relied upon but can be of great assistance to help pinpoint a person’s location within a few metres. It has the potential to provide reassurance to carers, professionals and the person with dementia by providing an aid to help locate the person with dementia should they become lost, distressed or disorientated. There are different ways of doing this either by using GPS technology on a mobile phone, a specific GPS device or by using mobile phone network as a way of locating a mobile phone. Some car location trackers, lone worker or children’s devices may be appropriate in certain situations and it is worth thinking about what you really need a device to do prior to purchasing as it may have functions which are not required.

Things to think about - There are a lot of things that should be considered before setting up GPS or a similar option including:

Device features

This information leaflet is to give some pointers around what is available on the market and it is advised that different options are looked into and investigated before setting something up as one size does not fit all.

Some options for mobile phone apps include:

If you have an existing smart phone, check whether it has an app available to locate the phone from another device. Often these apps are free e.g.

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