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Technology Enabled Care (TEC) is the use of different technologies to improve a person's outcomes. The 2 main types of technology covered by the TEC team are Telecare and Smart TEC.


  • We provide and install a range of equipment which can help you to live safely and independently at home
  • Our Service offers peace of mind to users and carers alike
  • Monitored 24 hrs a day by our experienced Alarm centre staff who will ensure the right response is arranged
  • We assess your needs to determine the most suitable equipment for you and your environment
  • A choice of wearing options for pendants – can be worn around the neck or wrist.
  • Other sensors include fall detector, smoke detector, door or bed sensor
  • The service is available for a small charge

In East Lothian we offer a range of equipment which can help you to live independently at home. Perhaps you:

  • live on your own and worry about what would happen to you should you have a fall in the house?
  • are concerned about a member of your family or a friend who although are independent, just need something to reassure them that help is available at the touch of a button 24 hours a day, should they need it?

Our Alarm Service gives peace of mind to users and carers alike. We provide you with a base unit that we install within the home and give you a pendant which you can wear around your neck or on your wrist. Our team will demonstrate the alarm working at installation and check the pendant range within your home and garden.

Should you have a fall or require assistance just press the pendant and your call will be directed to our very own Alarm Centre based in Macmerry. Our friendly operators are experienced in answering alarm calls and they can get you the right help that you need.

We charge a small fee for our service which is £4.05 a week.

Apply for a standard community alarm and pendant from East Lothian Telecare Service

What is telecare?

Smart TEC

  • Smart technology is readily available on the high street or online
  • Devices are usually low cost and easy to set up
  • Most devices do require a wifi connection
  • Settings and features can be used creatively to help you and family to remain as active, connected, independent, safe, and entertained as possible
  • Use Smart TEC to control your items in the home in a different way such as heating, lighting, security
  • Use the technology to help you achieve what you want to – match the technology to your needs and goals

As a society we are now using Technology a lot more, particularly after COVID-19.

A lot of us have already invested in low cost and readily available devices but don’t fully know about what else they can do to help us and our family keep as safe and independent as possible.

In East Lothian we are keen to let people know more about what the technology can do when used creatively. We are keen to show how it can be used to keep ourself and our families as safe as possible at home; allow easy control of the environment; act as a memory prompt; enable contact with family & friends and how it can be used for fun!

We have set up a "smart house" in East Lothian displaying a range of equipment and devices set up for demonstration purposes and have recreated a digital version - browse our smart house here.

Technology Enabled Care Case Studies

Check out our great interactive services to find help and support yourself

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Interactive Smart Home

Browse our interactive smart home to discover different solutions that may help you around the house.

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