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A stroke is a serious medical condition, whereby the supply of blood to parts of the brain is interrupted. This prevents brain tissue from getting the oxygen and nutrients required and results in parts of the brain becoming damaged or dying.

Strokes may be cause by:

  • a blood clot, blocking blood flow to a part of the brain – ischaemic stroke
  • a blood vessel bursting, causing a bleed on the brain – haemorrhagic stroke

Symptoms of Stroke: Think FAST

  • Face – dropped one side, person is unable to smile, or their mouth or eye may be dropped
  • Arms - may not be able to lift both arms and keep then there because of weakness in one arm
  • Speech – speech may be slurred or garbled, person may not be able to talk at all. They may also have problems understanding what you are saying to them.
  • Time – call 999 immediately if you see any of these symptoms
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