Welcome to Access to a Better Life in East Lothian! This website is a simple visual tool designed to help you and your family or friends to understand how to shape your progress on your ageing journey.

As you use the website you can build up personal "Tasks" - activities to complete, assessments to look at and products to save for later.

Access to a Better Life in East Lothian

Welcome to A Better Life in East Lothian; the digital platform for the East Lothian Rehabilitation Service. This website was formerly known as "Help from HILDA". We aim to provide you with the information and tools you need to manage your health and wellbeing, and to be a resource if you care for others.

As part of the East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership, we provide rehabilitation to the residents of East Lothian. On this site you will find lots of information to enable you to try things for yourselves, when it is convenient to you, helping to keep you as active and independent as possible, for as long as possible.

Please explore our site and make use of any of the guidance and self-help information. East Lothian residents can contact us directly if after exploring the site should you feel you still need to see one of our team.

Find out how you are ageing:

Use the LifeCurve™ to find out how well you are managing with your daily activities and how you can keep on living independently.

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Check out our great interactive services to find help and support yourself

An illustration of a house

Interactive Smart Home

Browse our interactive smart home to discover different solutions that may help you around the house.

An illustration of a house

Interactive Body Map

Browse our interactive body map to discover different solutions that may help you with your body.

Worried about slips, trips, or falls?

Do you worry about falling? We can help you with your confidence and improve your independence.

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Technology Enabled Care

Learn more about what Technology can do for you to live confidently and independently at home. Discover smart technology and telecare solutions through our interactive smart home.

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Share your experience of the East Lothian Rehabilitation Service

How we can help you across your life

The rehabilitation team have created these stories based on real life situations to show you how our services can help

Ankle Injury caused by a fall

Confidence to bathe independently

Help to live with Multiple Sclerosis

Support & recovery for after a fall at home

Recovery from a knee injury

Say hello to the team!

The East Lothian Rehabilitation Service (ELRS) is comprised of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Exercise Specialists, Assistant Practitioners, Community Care Workers, TEC Officers, a Driver Technician and Administration and Clerical Support.

We are based at various locations across East Lothian including the East Lothian Community Hospital in Haddington. Our services see people in their own homes, in out-patient clinics and as inpatients.

The team is here to help you on our phoneline: 0300 369 0680.

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